Oceans One Condominium Association

Summary of Rules and Regulations

April, 2009

1. No overnight, weekly or monthly rentals are permitted – there is a 3 month minimum rental period

2. All guests need to register with the front office

3. All guests are required to have a parking pass if their car is left overnight – any cars left overnight without a pass are subject to towing

4. This is a pet free building – no pets are permitted at any time

5. No smoking in common areas- hallways, garage, stairwells, elevators, laundry rooms, lobby areas etc. per Florida State No Smoking Act

6. Pool rules are posted on the pool deck and must be followed

7. No glass is allowed anywhere on the pool deck

8. Remove sand and water before entering the building

9. Shoes and cover ups are required in building at all times

10. There is no re-entry from the pool to the social room

11. The door to the pool may not be propped open

12. Do not sit on any furniture with wet or damp clothes

13. Social room may not be used without reserving the room at the front office and paying a deposit of $50.00

14. Appropriate, respectful and proper behavior is required at all times – please be considerate of others

15. Trash needs to be securely bagged before being placed in trash chutes on each floor – no glass, no boxes (including          pizza  boxes), no loose newspaper and no loose garbage may be placed in the chutes

16. Recycling containers are provided in the south parking lot – all glass plastic and paper/newspaper should be recycled

17. Trash bins for cardboard boxes and large trash items are provided in the south parking lot

18. No objects including towels may be hung on balcony rails

19. Do not throw any objects from balconies

20. Electric grills only are allowed on balconies

21. Children under 16 are not permitted in common areas without adult supervision